Getting Started

Underground Seminary is a unique ministry training system that involved both knowledge and practice. Each unit includes a workbook, teaching (video and/or audio), reading, interactive discussion (Voxer App), and a written assignment. Don’t let the writing scare you. It isn’t graded in a traditional sense. Instead, you turn in your writing and we help you edit it until it is a valuable ministry tool you can use in the future. Nothing we do is about busy work. When you sign up, you immediately get access to Unit 1. Then, every 30 days you get access to a new unit for as long as you stay in the program. We find that most students do well with the 30 day pace, but there is nothing wrong with taking longer if you need it. The point of Underground Seminary is to be equipped, not to rush through for a diploma.

First Steps

  1. Signup for Voxer (the free version is fine) and send us your info, so we can add you to the group chat.

  2. Begin studying the content for Unit 1.

  3. Look for each Unit to become available every 30 days (links will be provided below on this page-just click the image for that unit).

  4. Send us your contact info via the form (see button below), so that we can send you cool stuff!

Three Levels for Every Unit

Every unit is broken into three levels of study, so that you can go as deep (or as shallow) as you like. The first level is Foundations (Video and Workbook). This takes the least amount of time and allows you to get a critical overview of that subject with the minimal time. If this is all you do, it will be well worth your while. However, we recommend going the next step to Development (Reading and Memorization). At this level, you read some more advanced book on the topic and memorize catechisms and verses for deeper knowledge. If you want to “go all in,” we recommend also completing the Action and Interaction (Voxer and Essay) section. In this section you develop at the tacit and rhetorical level by submitting writing for feedback and interacting with our instructors (and other students) on the Voxer Walkie Talkie app.

Daily Practices

  • Abide in Christ. Be in the Word, prayer, and fellowship with believers daily.

  • Spend 30 minutes per day working on content to move along steadily.

  • Be a part of the Voxer discussion. It only takes a minute or two to interact. Try to interact daily.

Unit 1: Learn to Make Disciples

Unit 2: House Church (Part 1)

Unit 3: House Church (Part 2)

Unit 4: Doctrine


Unit 5: Apologetics

Unit 6: Bible Study Methods

Unit 7: Biblical Authority

Unit 8: Practical Ministry

Practical Ministry Workbook.png

Unit 10
To Theology

Unit 11

Unit 12
Theology Proper

Unit 13


Unit 14
(Holy Spirit)


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