Daniel Samms is a pastor, professor, author, and woodworker who equips people to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Dan has been in ministry for over a decade, serving in Churches and Christian non-profits.  He is planting pastor of Restoration Church in Northeast Ohio, teaches theology for Liberty University, owns Roaring Business Growth Solutions, and manages to get into a few other things now and then. 

He is in love with his wife, Christy and has been since she first walked into his life more than a decade ago.  They have three kids, occasionally raise chickens, and have dog named "Sam."  Dan enjoys fine woodworking, craft beverages, axe throwing, and good stories.  He exists to glorify God by following Jesus.  

Dan drinks good coffee, enjoys fine woodworking, and has a lifelong dream to punch an alligator in the face.  Christy is a licensed counselor and an incredible mother who has a variety of hobbies and runs an insightful blog.  Together, they raise their kids, equip the church, and enjoy God's blessings. 

Dan can often be found at coffeehouses around Amherst and is always willing to meet and discuss what it means to Experience, Trust, and Follow Jesus.

Recently, Dan wrote a book to be used as a guide for making disciples.  It's a handy tool for guiding people through initial steps in following Jesus.  You can purchase it on Amazon.com, and it is inexpensive enough that you can easily buy a copy for a friend and read it together. 

Dan's primary role at Restoration is Recruiting, Equipping, and Releasing house church leaders in addition to ensuring every disciple is making disciples.  

Instagram: @roaringshepherd

Want to equip your church to make disciples?  

Dan and his team assist churches with disciple making by leading training events live and online, by consulting pastors and lay leaders, and by speaking at events.  The first step is to contact our team to discuss how we can help.