Follow: A Handbook for Making Disciples of Jesus Christ

A fundamental premise to this book is that everyone can make disciples. You don’t need to be a pastor, and you don’t need years of training. All you need is to know Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you as you lead others to follow Jesus. As you make disciples, commission them to make disciples as well. If you can make disciples who make disciples, there is no limit to the advancement of God’s Kingdom. Think multiplication, not merely growth. 

We have learned that the first couple months in the life of a new believer is critical. They are hungry. They are alive. They want to grow. They are also in a unique position to share their story with their friends. It is your job to help them grow as a follower of Christ. But, most Christians have never made a disciple. If you are like most Christians, you don't even know where to start. After all, the Bible is a big book. What do you teach first? How do you equip them to follow Jesus on their own?  Follow: A Handbook for Making Disciples of Jesus Christ helps you know where to start. You can read the book and walk a new believer through the content or you can have them read it and discuss it later. The book includes discussion questions to help train rather than merely teach a disciple.

Dan has written a much needed book for use on the ground by those who are seeing converts. Of course, Dan isn’t content just to see converts, but to see disciples. As a 20 year veteran in ministry, I can tell you that books like this don’t come around very often because publishers don’t want books for new converts, because they don’t think they’ll sell. Therefore, a much needed tool like this one often doesn’t fall into the hands of those that need it most. I’m grateful that Dan wrote this book as a tool for those on the front lines to hand to the new believers coming through their ministries.
— Peyton Jones, Author of Church Zero and Editor of Church Planter Magazine
A well written, understandable, modern, and amazingly thorough overview of the basics of Christianity that every believer (new or old) must be grounded in. He explains doctrinal terms in simple language while challenging all of us to find someone to disciple. Statistics show that a well planned discipleship program is sadly lacking in most churches. Yet Jesus commanded us to “make disciples” - this takes time and effort. I look forward to using this resource in a one-on-one mentoring relationship. Samms writes, “If you are a Christian picking this up just to read, then please reconsider. This is designed to be a discipleship tool. Don’t merely read it, find someone to disciple. Start by leading them to Jesus, then lead them to become like Him.”
— Amazon User
Samms has provided a very timely resource fo those who are both brand new to the faith as well as the rest of christians who can use a refresher course on what it means to be a disciple. It is easily read, poignant, personal, and provoking. As a pastor myself I plan to use this as a resource for new believers as well as existing small groups. It could be used for an all church campaign with sermons and small groups focused on the key themes. All in all a fabulous tool!
— Dr. Tim Morrison, Pastor
Excellent resource covering practical aspects of living for Jesus as well as introducing the new believer to key theological concepts.
— Paul